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ESMERAL: Innovation to Promote Circularity and Sustainability in the Metal Sector. 1024 1024 Eibar Precision Casting

ESMERAL: Innovation to Promote Circularity and Sustainability in the Metal Sector.

EIPC is one of the companies actively participating in the ESMERAL Project, an initiative aimed at transforming the metal sector in the Basque Country through advanced and sustainable technological solutions. The goal of this project is to promote circularity in the metal sector in the Basque Country, specifically in the fields of aluminum, zinc, and copper.

ESMERAL, supported by the HAZITEK 2023 program for business R&D support, aims to reduce dependence on external raw materials and decrease the carbon footprint of materials used in the industry.


The ESMERAL Project focuses on developing advanced technological solutions to transform the metallurgical sector through the following lines of work:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Implementation of AI technologies to create a materials transaction platform, facilitating efficient and sustainable resource management
  • Metallurgical Strategies: Increasing the use of secondary materials and low-quality scrap, optimizing reuse, and minimizing waste.
  • Classification and Separation: Development of innovative technologies for efficient scrap classification and separation.
  • Valorization of By-products: Advanced processes for by-product valorization, turning waste into valuable resources.
  • Eco-Alloys: Creation of new eco-alloys, promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

ESMERAL CONSORTIUMThe ESMERAL consortium comprises 8 leading companies in the metal sector and three agents from the Basque Network of Science, Technology, and Innovation. Juntos, aportan una vasta experiencia en reciclaje de materiales, procesos de fusión, tratamiento de datos y desarrollo de nuevos productos.Together, they bring extensive experience in material recycling, melting processes, data processing, and new product development. The participating companies and agents are:

  2. Basque Network of Science, Technology, and Innovation agents: TECNALIA, FUNDACIÓN INATEC and EIPC Research Center.

EIPC’s specialization in precision casting of aluminum, steels, and superalloys positions us as a key player in this project. With our experience and know-how, we contribute to all phases of the process, from recycling and melting to the creation of new innovative products, supporting research, and developing advanced technologies.

ESMERAL, an Initiative Under the HAZITEK Business R&D Support Program

The ESMERAL Project is backed by the HAZITEK program, an initiative that promotes research and development in the business sector. This support is essential to drive projects that not only benefit the participating companies but also provide sustainable and effective solutions for the entire industry.

At EIPC, we are excited about the opportunities that being part of this project brings, and we are committed to making significant contributions to the objectives of ESMERAL. We firmly believe that through collaboration and innovation, we can create a more sustainable and efficient future in the metal sector.

About EIPC

At EIPC, we specialize in the precision casting of aluminum, steels, and superalloys. Our focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability positions us as leaders in the industry, offering advanced solutions to meet the demands of the global market. .